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Medical Staff Proceedings

Our Medical Staff Proceedings attorneys have considerable experience with peer review, hospital staff corrective action and fair hearing proceedings, and disciplinary appeals.  They are joined by our litigation team with extensive background in medical litigation and adjudicatory proceedings.

We are all well-versed in institutional medical staff by laws and policies, and work to stay current with state and federal laws and regulations and Joint Commission standards that govern medical staff corrective action investigations and disciplinary proceedings.

Our clients include Medical Staff Physician Leadership, Hospital Administration and Hearing Committees and Panels.

Our legal services in this area include:

  • Serving as hearing officers in fair hearings under Medical Staff bylaws, including fact-finding and recommendations
  • Serving as independent legal counsel to the Medical Staff hearing committee
  • Drafting of hearing officer/committee findings, recommendations and reports
  • Serving as legal counsel to the Medical Executive Committee in hearings before Medical Staff hearing panels
  • Advising Hospital Administration, Medical Staff leadership, and Medical Staff peer review committees on corrective action activities/initiatives and medical peer review, including procedural rules, confidentiality, privilege and reporting requirements
  • Advice and drafting of fair hearing and appeals provisions of Medical Staff bylaws
  • Educational presentations to Medical Staff leaders on medical peer review